Download Instructions

Posters and Presentations are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) format. Files from archive are in ZIP format.

How to open *.pdf files:
Although presentations were made in PowerPoint and most of the posters were made in Publisher, they were converted pdf format. This format is a reliable format for electronic document exchange that preserves document integrity so files can be viewed and printed on a variety of platforms.

To view pdf documents, you must first have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader allows you to open and print documents in pdf format. Acrobat Reader is a free plugin which can be downloaded from here.

How to download documents to your computer:
When you see link like this Download. You can left click on this link in order to open pfd file in your current browser window. For Windows users, right click on the link then select "Save target as" to download the file to your computer. For Mac users, hold down the "Options" button and click on the link, then select "Save" to download the file to your computer.

How to open *.zip files:
In archive all files are in ZIP format. These files can be opened by archival software like WinZip and WinRAR. Windows XP have build-in capability to open zip archives.



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